i-58 Studios is centrally located in the beautiful LA suburb of Westlake Village.

The I-58 building contains a long heritage as a center for trendsetting music production. Since the early 70’s the facilities were used as private studio for rock & roll royalty, in the 80’s it was changed into a hub for the emergent CCM music scene, and in the 90’s the studio transformed as a center for TV and Film scoring.

The 4,400 sq. ft. location features 3 production rooms, 3 vocal booths, and the world famous room “The Cavern”.

The studio was completely remodeled in 2008 as an acoustically warm and live space; with analog desecrate equipment and boutique gear. The visual design of I-58 Studios features peaceful Mediterranean décor.

Today the studio is run by Grammy Award winning engineers Benny Faccone and Daniel Andres Aguilar.




41A Duesenberg Dr
Westlake Village, CA 91362